About us

The Parent Forum is the body setup in the 2006 Act on parental involvement and it consists of all the parents who have a child at the school.

What is a Parent Council?

A Parent Council is a group of parents in one school representing parent views that work in partnership with pupils, the headteacher and the local authority to achieve the best for their child’s school.

What do Parent Councils do?

The role of the Parent Council is to:

• support the school in its work with pupils
• represent the views of all parents
• encourage links between the school and the wider community
• report back to all the parents in the school

How can I get involved?

When your child starts school, you automatically become a member of the Parent Forum, and you can stand for election to the Parent Council.

Every year, the parent forum elects a Parent Council to represent the views of parents at their school.

Further information on Parent Councils can be found at Education Scotland here

or at the SPTC