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AGM 2017 – 2018

It’s time for the Annual General Meeting of the Parent Council.   We’ll look back over our achievements and set out our plans for the coming year.  Exciting times!

Who will be on Burnside Parent Council this year?  It could be YOU!

It would be great to see you there.



First Parent Council meeting 2017


Below is the list of dates for our meetings, as we’ve moved to a Mon/Tue/Wed cycle.  No need to attend them all.  You’re always welcome (:
Monday 21st August 2017
Tuesday 5th September 2017 
Wednesday 4th October 2017
Monday 6th November 2017 – AGM
Tuesday 5th December 2017
Wednesday 10th January 2018
Monday 5th February 2018
Tuesday 6th March 2018
Wednesday 25th April 2018
Monday 4th June 2018
Hope to see you there!