Looking Back 2015-2016


2015-2016 was a very successful year for Burnside P.C.  At the start of the year, the Parent Council members took the opportunity  to reflect on what the P.C. do well and then discussed our goals for the coming year.  

Our main aims for this year were to-

  • Continue to support the school financially
  • Organise social events and fundraisers for pupils and parents/carers.
  • Raise the profile of the Parent Council.

Here’s what we did…

Support the school financially to enhance children’s learning.

  • Funded a 3 years licence for the excellent Education City software which provides fun educational games in the form of online activities for children and interactive whiteboard resources for teachers.
  • Donated £100 to each class for sundries such as stickers, certificates and prizes.
  • Paid £900 for the fabulous Panto, ‘Susie and the Stolen Sea’ by the Baldy Bane Theatre Company.
  • Supported the school’s Science Week by donating £1800 worth of science equipment.
  • Encouraged pupils to read for enjoyment by arranging and organising parent helpers to run the school library and donating books and book shelves at a cost of £296.
  • Supported the lunchtime Lego Club by sourcing Lego and donating £500 to purchase new Lego.
  • Funded basketball hoops for the playground and Physical Education.
  • Purchased a licence for showing DVDs in school.
  • Donated secondary school ties as a leaving gift for Primary 7s.

Organise social events and fundraisers for parents and families.

  • Christmas Fayre
  • Ladies Night
  • Primary One coffee morning

Organised social events for pupils

  • Organised and recruited parent helpers for the Halloween party P2-3 and P4-7.
  • Supported the P1 Soft Play Halloween party.
  • Donated Primary 1 Christmas gifts
  • Organised a Spring Disco for all pupils.

Raise the profile of the Parent Council

  • Designed a new logo for the Parent Council.
  • Set up the popular Parent Council Facebook Page to publicise school and Parent Council events.
  • Revamped the Parent Council website and noticeboard.
  • Supported the school at new parents events.
  • The P.C. were present at the school Summer Party.
  • The Parent Council’s email address allows parents to express their views.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers on the Parent Council.  We are always open to suggestions and would love more parental involvement from all Burnside parents and carers.  If you can spare some time to help the PC it would be great to hear from you.  

Email – parentcouncil@burnsideprimary.org