AGM 2016

It was great to see new faces at the October Parent Council meeting and AGM.  A huge thank you to those who came along- old and new.  Why not bring a friend next time?

The AGM saw a rejigging of the Parent Council office bearers.  Here’s our fabulous volunteers and their areas of responsibility for 2016-2017.


Chairperson – Gerry McGee

Vice Chair – Richard Tawse

Treasurer – Alex Glassford

Secretary – VACANCY


Gillian Kelly, Julie Hanratty, Paula McNee, Lorna Paterson, Debbie Connor, Kelly Elliot, Karen Thompson, Cate Smith, Julie McKavanagh, Julie Whiteside, Tara Smith, Gillian Stevenson, Fiona Welsh & Eugenie Aroutcheh.

School Grounds group – Eugenie Aroutcheh

Communications – Gerry McGee

Social media & publicity – Julie Whiteside and Cate Smith

Christmas Fayre – Gillian Kelly and Fiona Welsh

Children’s Events – Lorna Paterson and Debbie Connor

Library Team – Gillian Stevenson and Tara Smith

Enterprise – Julie McKavanagh

Website – Fiona Welsh

Minutes of the AGM and the subsequent meeting will be posted on the website once approved by the Parent Council at the next meeting on the 7th of November.

Any parent’s questions, suggestions and issues can be raised by the Parent Council on your behalf. Chat to one of the team or email